Technical specification

Urea Ammonium Nitrate has been known and widely used in the agricultural production of the most developed countries in Europe, North and South America for many years.

Urea Ammonium Nitrate is the most precise solution for nitrogen feeding. Being appropriate for almost all the kinds of crops, urea ammonium nitrate is a universal solution for modern farmers.

Urea Ammonium Nitrate is with total contents of an active substance 32%. It may be applied during the entire vegetation. Due to its specific qualities it may be applied in sowing feeding, for vegetative application and for corrective feeding.

The use of Urea Ammonium Nitrate should be made under precisely defined meteorological conditions and strict observation of the recommendable fertilizer norm. The exact technology of application is of exceptional significance aimed at the avoidance of scorch.


As a consequence of its specific physical and chemical properties, Urea Ammonium Nitrate has a lot of advantages: 

– It contains three forms of nitrogen — amide, ammonium and nitrate, which assumes more uniform and continuous delivery of the active substance and reduces the percentage of denitrification;

– Significantly lower losses from lift-off even with absence of optimal moisture owing to the insignificant evaporation owing to its component formula and the high specific gravity — the losses of nitrogen by about 30% less with regard to the ammonium nitrate and the urea;

– More uniform and qualitative dispersion and faster effect of the fertilization;

– Maximal use of the active substance even at high temperature without the need of incorporation in the soil;

– Neutrality with regard to the oxidation of the soil. The urea, which under the influence of the urobacteria in the soil ammonificates to ammonium carbonate causes an alkaline reaction and neutralizes the acid reaction of the nitrate nitrogen

– It preserves its qualities regardless of the time period of storage;

– Economy of up to 10 % of the herbicide is realized in combined input with herbicides at that without the use of adhesives. The mixture of urea ammonium nitrate and herbicides has a low degree of phytotoxicity, which makes it applicable in all the phases of the growth;

– It guarantees security in use – it is not fire hazardous, explosive or toxic;

– It may be transported and stored in all the kinds of cisterns and vessels of stainless steel or articifical materials which are in a good working condition;

– It may be combined with the measures for plant protection and is compatible for use also in drip irrigation and any types of irrigation systems without clogging the filters and the parts of the system.

Technical characteristics

It satisfies the requirements of Regulation 2003/2003 relating to mineral fertilizers with high contents of nitrogen.

It is transported packaged or in bulk. We offer our products in packages of vent cassette bags of polythene and polypropylene, in bags of 50 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg.




Ammonium nitrate

Total nitrogen

Free ammonia



Standards and norms

Transparent liquid

min. 34,5 +/- 1%

min. 45,7 +/- 1%

min. 32,0%

0 – 200 ppm

100 – 140 ppm

max. 20,2 %




Sugar beet





Silage corn


Perennial grasses